remington 722 257 roberts worth. Roberts invented it for chucks,but it will be. 257 Roberts Action Type: Bolt Action with Internal Magazine Markings: The left side of the barrel is marked "Remington Arms Co. 257 Roberts and this is one nice rifle! Apparently, this rifle was/is part of a limited edition for. Let's talk 257 Roberts, 257 Roberts Improved, and 257. Visually enhanced, image enriched topic search for Remington , Model: 722 , Caliber: 222 Rem Mag C5B. 1 and the Hawkeye on limited runs. Maybe a 6mm-06, or a 25-06, or. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk. 60 dollars over the past 12 months to a price of $2,205. Since ive been unsuccessful uploading pics please feel. It was in EXCELLENT and all original condition. '722A' Vintage American made bolt action sporting rifle chambered in. 257 Roberts with Weaver K-6 60-B scope top www. About us; Sell Your Gun parts;. 257 Weatherby Magnum are the brainchild of those experimental riflemen who felt the need to find the fastest. 222 Remington Reloading Data. Of course some would be a little earlier and some a few years later. 257 Roberts was that a Remington 722. aT PRSENT i HAVE 3 IN 222 and a 244 that's in everyday use. The Superperformance powder this ammo is loaded with is heavily compressed also. 08 257 ROBERTS REMINGTON 722 24 BARREL RARE BEAUTIFUL RIFLE INCH. It has a combination of classic features that culminated in a distinctly original piece of extreme quality. 257 Roberts that had occupied the corner of a garage for years and was available very, very cheaply, and a Browning BLR 81 in. The rifle is odd in the fact that the serial number (6581XX) is higher than. The rifle is built off the Mauser action and makes for a great hunting rifle. It is worth noting that Hornady factory SST ammunition does break the 2900fps barrier- but does so by utilizing a longer than traditional COAL of around 73. , Orange, CA 92868 Tuesday thru Friday 10:00 am to 5:00 pm, Saturday 10:00 am to 4:00 pm. When was the Remington Model 722 made?. This Remington manufactured ejector is for the model 722 bolt action rifle in 244 Rem, 257 Robt, 300. Anyone know much about the Remington Model 721?. I bought a pair of Remington 722 in 257 roberts and am looking for what best in deer loads I live in pa. Every 722 I have ever seen had a very plain stock with a stamped trigger guard and a fixed floor plate. Cartridge for youth hunter. 25-06 Remington 257 Roberts 260 Remington 270 Winchester 280 Ackley Improved 30 Carbine 30-06 Springfield 300 Blackout 300 PRC 300 RCM. 257 Roberts chamberings, as well as in. aspx I had it re-barreled for 257 Roberts. 222 Rem Both are dependable shooters and accurate. Remington 700 SPS Sporter 17 Fireball 24" brl Remington 700 CDL SF 257 Weatherby 260 Rem 2008. Action- Forged receiver including anti- bind bolt and 3 position safety. To save altering the original stock you might look into a synthetic stock. I have never owned a 722 but it is definitely on my "to buy" list in 222 Rem. Brownells is your home for firearm accessories, gun parts, gunsmithing tools, reloading and shooting supplies backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee. This as a PSA of forum members in our area. ONE PIECE SMOOTH WOOD STOCK, BLACK FOR END AND PISTOL GRIP CAP, PISTOL GRIP AND CHEEK REST MODIFIED, CHECKERED BLACK POLYMER BUTT PLATE, GRIP. Doubt there was many 257s made. I just looked at a Remington model 722 in 257 Roberts, but turned the guy down because before we met, he told me it was a 700. Damn, it was simply gorgeous! A stunning piece of walnut with excellent coloration and grain. com sales figures for new and "previously-owned" rifles. When the United States entered the Great War in April of 1917. During this past week I was asked my opinion of a Remington 722 in. The Model 721/722 is considered to be one of the first modern, economically produced sporting rifles whose design largely continued with the subsequent and highly …. 257 Roberts ammo with 117 grain CORE-LOKT express bullets. Subsequent chamberings were added to each rifle over the years. $840 w/Redfield 3-9x40scope and rings. Due to circumstances beyond our control, we have had to move forward and take the site in a slightly different direction. Manuf for sale by Long Shot 2014 on . PDF download from the 19th edition of Standard Catalog of Firearms. Sometimes called the most amazing varmint-hunting cartridge known to man, this round was created when firearms inventor Charles Newton started fooling around with the. In Chattanooga, N Ga Reloading on Brainerd Rd sells their primers for $4. Fjestad's current BLue Book of Gun Values places a Remington 722 in 90% condition at $300 + 20% for the. What is value of model 722 calber 257 Roberts?. REMINGTON , MODEL: 722 , CALIBER: 257 ROBERTS. Remington Magnum, which became one of the most popular chamberings. Product #: 86390D Part Key: 21. You could of saved a lot of time and hassle making 257 ackley brass, and just bought the 244. SKU: 047700446905 ( ) Current Stock: 16 Gift Wrapping: Options available Quantity: Product Description. along with one in 257 Roberts also. 243 Winchester examples were made. The Alaska Wilderness Rifle, brought to market in 2002, featured the 7mm and. Most parts are interchangeable, or can be made to work pretty easily. The 722 features a rotating bolt with 2 lugs and an internal box magazine, a 26-inch barrel, and a walnut Monte Carlo stock. 257 Roberts, manufactured circa 1952. What is the value range for ruger 257 Roberts? 100-1000 depending on specifics . Features a blued finish, 24" tapered barrel, ramped blade front sight with bead top, adjustable rear sporting sight, factory drilled & tapped receiver, serrated trigger, polished bolt with short handle with round knob, manual safety on the right side of the receiver, internal 4 round box. 00 + tax less than Sportsmans Warehouse for 1K worth, ie, $30. The front and rear sights removed and has what appears to be an old Weaver style 4x scope (no name on it). LSB#: 130405GB01 Make: Remington Model: 722 Serial Number: 85031 Year of Manufacture: 1949 Caliber:. 244 Remington, is based on a necked down. Barrel lengths range from 20″ for the smaller cartridges to 26″ for the Magnums. The 10 Most Underrated Cartridges. Had my eyes on a Remington Model 722 in 257 at another shop. Weatherby - DXM257WR60 257 WTHBY Magnum Mark V Deluxe Bolt Action Rifle. | 396 Completed Sales View Sellers Items Description: Remington Model 722. Each year Remington offered Model 700 Classic in a special chambering, concluding the series in 2005. The item you've selected was not added to your. Click Photo to Enlarge: Guns International #: 101662732 Seller's. trying to do a semi-custom job is beyond my paycheck, i'm disabled. 1956 Remington Bolt Action 30-06 discussion on the TexAgs Outdoors But he had a 722 in. Remington 722 Rifle Parts. The Remington 700 is the most popular bolt-action rifle in America, at least according to Gunbroker. 257 Roberts Ackley Improved (40 degree shoulder) 100gr Nosler BT 257 Roberts AI/722 Remington. Review: Winchester Model 70 Featherweight. 257 Roberts cartridge using a 6mm bullet, and known for a combination of high velocity, long range, flat. 243win is close to the 6mmRem, but a little slower. 257 Weatherby Magnum Rifles For Sale at ClassicFirearms. Disappointing to let them go sometimes. 257 Roberts dated OUU, July 1949. Remington Model 722 Rifle with Scope. 257 Roberts from Cordier Auctions & Appraisals on Invalid date EST. My favorite deer load is 46/H4350/100 Hornady Interlock. Item:9558650 Remington 722 257 Roberts Bolt Action Rifle. remington 700 sendero history. 722's have some collector value if they are unaltered. Choose legendary Remington ammo for every trigger pull. Should I pillar bed and float the barrel of my 722. The walnut stock is checkered at the grip and forend to ensure users have a secure. This rifle looks to have been manufactured in 1970. 222 Remington, which had a 26-inch barrel. Likely worth a bit more than a typical 722. It's the Ruger M77 Hawkeye (blued steel, walnut stock, engraved floorplate) in. This 722 is in good shape considering its age. I like Remington 722,s and have five, this. 257 Roberts (R28869) Price: $850. 300 Savage - 1948 - 24" & 22" barrel This has a lot of sentimental value and if I can learn more of the history of it that would be worth a lot to me. Vintage Remington 722 Stock - barrel was 257 Roberts--Walnu t. How about the great Ruger and Colt handguns of the 50's and 60's. 257 Roberts - 1948 - 24" & 22" barrel. I think I have a much better deal for less money. Remington countered in the same year with their own design, based on the. Remington Model 722 Bolt Rifle in. 30-Ô06; and with barrel lengths of 20-, 22-, and 24 inches. 00: Weatherby - DXM300WR6O 300 WTHBY Magnum Mark V Deluxe Bolt Action Rifle. Can I use +P ammo in my 1955 Model 722. This one has very fancy wood with a 700 like triger guard and a hinged floor plate. 257 roberts very good+ remington 722 257 exc bore rutherfordton, nc 28139: used: 3/7/2022: $786. Weatherby MAM01N257WR8B Mark V Accumark. Class Finish Positions 2020 AMA Texas Winter Series Rd 4 - 2/1/2020 Alvord, TX Class: All Classes Last Name First Name Nbr Class City State Brand Moto 1 Moto 2 O/A Pts MARINER JAC. From what I read it is something worth owning. The Remington 721/722 appeared in 1948, but before World War II Savage made an even less costly and simpler rifle called the Model 23. As far as investing in those particular rifles the 257 Roberts is a very popular round and is quite collectible in either one of those Remington firearms models. Buy Remington 722 - 257 Roberts - Penny Auction : GunBroker is the largest seller of Bolt Action Rifles Rifles Guns & Firearms All: 931329382. Out of stock View Details » View Details » Nosler 60010 Trophy 257 Roberts 110 GR AccuBond Brass - 20rd Box Remington Ammo R257 Core-Lokt 257 Roberts Core-Lokt Soft Point 117 GR - 20rd Box. I got a nice stock, checkered and all off a 700 Classic, for less than $100. The best of these classic rifles and handguns would be from around 1945 till the mid 1960's (IMHO). depending on condition and bore, Mint means like out of the box new condition with no dings and mint bore. 257 Roberts was designed in the 1920s when wildcatter Ned Roberts started to do experiments on the. This item is no longer available for purchase. Laws governing transfer of firearms requires that these items be shipped to an FFL holder. I believe this gun was made in 1991 and has been in safe for a long time. REMINGTON 722 New and Used Price, Value, & Trends 2022. Tipped the scales at 95 pounds. All information about 257 roberts encore barrel will always be updated with the latest, accurate. A 24" barrel is adorned with open rifle sights. 257 Roberts was the premier combination varmint/deer cartridge until the. I never knew they were available in that . The 257 Roberts is a great caliber. One of my projects down the road is to rebarrel a small ring 1895 mauser to 257 Roberts. A table of actual rifles observed by Rem725 and other members of this group. Image 2 : REMINGTON MODEL 722 BOLT ACTION RIFLE. 257 Roberts? My main goal here is something to bridge the gap between my 30-06 and. The 12 month average price is $759. Item:9558650 Remington 722 257 Roberts Bolt Action Rifle For. ROUND BARREL, FRONT SIGHT SLOT FILLED IN, REAR SIGHT SLOT GROUND OFF, WEAVER KV SCOPE, CLEAR OPTICS, POST CROSSHAIR. The 760 Gamemaster is a great gun for hunting almost any type of medium to large game. The 257 Roberts is a great little cartridge and with the 110 gr. In 1950 Remington introduced the Model 722 in three calibers. Calibers for Beginners: The Legendary. Winchester did not lag far behind adding it to their lineup in the Model 54, then later the Model 70. Ned Roberts of New Hampshire was the other part, and in fact was the deciding factor of a host cartridge later to bear his name. 5x8 Bausch&Lomb Remington Model 722 Rifle. 257 Roberts, they're well built rugged rifles. Special preview Saturday, December 14. 257 Roberts that I bought used in 1959. Where can you find a replacement stock for a Hoban rifle. I have a Remington model 722 in. Remington 722 257 Roberts Value Recipes! best recipe ideas, videos, healthy eating advice, party ideas and cooking techniques. Mine is very accurate w/ handloads. But it was the third chambering that garnered the most attention: the new. 257 Roberts—which was in turn based on the 7x57mm Mauser—necked to hold the 6mm bullets.